Very funny jokes in English

Very funny jokes in english | Son, leave Facebook …

Gapu: Mother hide all my toys under the bed
Gapu’s mother: But why wait?
Gapu: Because mommy my friend is stinging
Gapu’s mother: So will Dabboo steal your toys?
Gapu: No, no, he will recognize his toys Very funny jokes in english


A husband got his wife lined up in the bank and went to his office on his own
When the wife came back in the evening, the wife said
I stood in the sun all day and when I reached the cashier, he went to drink tea when he came back after twenty minutes
So he replied “Sorry Madam no money”
There was a fire in my body, the whole day the legs were sad and finally I got to hear that there is no money

Husband said angrily
And you came quietly like this
Didn’t say anything to them
It hurts me a lot, you have broken many rolling pin on me, You can’t broke half a rolling pin on him
Now today I will break another rolling pin not on him but on you.
Money was in the bank but not in your account Very funny jokes in english


Santa once went to Banta’s house.
Going to Banta’s house, he saw Banta and his wife in front of them placing a photo on the table.
Santa said while looking at the photo
Yaar your combination is look like Ram and Sita.
After listening to Santa’s words, Banta said: Why are you lying?
See, till date neither Ravan came to take your sister-in-law, nor did she ever went into the earth herself.


Santa was very upset about his son wasting all the time on Facebook, one day Santa dared, and he went to his son and said;
Santa: Son, leave Facebook, this Facebook will never give you to eat.
Pappu: Yes Papa, you are right, it will not give me to eat, but Papa will definitely give someone who will make to eat.

english jokes

Teacher: Children, write 4 in the middle of 5 then tell me?
China’s student: don’t joke sir
Japanese Student: Not recommended
American student said: the question is wrong
Indian student wrote: This is easy F (IV) E

Friends call it jugaad Indians are known all over the world for jugaad


Teacher – promise kids that you will never drink alcohol cigarettes
Student – will not drink sir
Teacher – Never you will chase girls
Student – will not do sir
Teacher – You will never make girls friends
Student – will not make sir
Teacher – You will give your life for your country
Student – What we will do such a life now sir, will we do it too?


Teacher – tell children, who was the first woman to go abroad from India
Student – Sir Ji Sita Mata who went to Sri Lanka from India

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